Tips for Choosing the Best Lightweight Backpack


Do you love traveling but hate packing? The truth is that a lot of people do relate to this. All those big and heavy backpacks can turn any camping or hiking adventure into a painful drag. It does not matter whether you want to travel into the woods, trek or hike, having the best lightweight backpack is the secret to a fantastic adventure.

Having a lighter backpack means that you will have more fun. The idea of packing light does not apply to long-distance travelers anymore. The good thing about a lightweight backpack is that it is more comfortable. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your outdoors. The following are tips to help you choose the best lightweight backpack.


trekking backpackIf you buy a backpack that is already heavy, think of how much it can weigh if you fill it up. Ensure the backpack you choose is made of sturdy and lightweight materials so it will not rip after use. Nylon or cuben fiber used in making lightweight backpacks makes them more durable and functional.


You should note that the size of your backpack determines the number of items and gear you can pack. Never limit yourself to purchase a small backpack because you think it is more convenient. You can find yourself in a situation where you have to leave some vital items for your trip because of the unavailability of space.


Do you know that even waterproof backpacks do leak? They do so through low-quality zippers or seams. Ensure your backpack has waterproof zippers and lining.

Pockets and Compartments

senior people with lightweight backpacksEnsure that the major compartment is large enough to fit your gear. The extra compartments ought to be easy to access and large enough to fit the items that you require during an emergency. Ensure you have a bottle holster so that you can easily access your water bottle. You need to keep yourself hydrated while camping, hiking, or engaged in other outdoor activities.

Fit and Straps

As noted above, a good backpack ought to be comfortable. You have to ensure that your backpack is not too big for you and it is comfortable. The straps and belts attached ought to offer a good fit and not too tight. They can secure the backpack in place and even transfer the weight from the back.